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A Day In The Life

Flowers... Foliage... Florists... Where do we start?

From the beginning of this journey, I have been swarmed with information on flowers I never thought I would ever know.

Boiling water is one of our best friends! Call us the flower doctors - boiling water brings back our favourite flowers from near death. A quick 3-4 seconds in boiling water and then transferred to room temp water helps reduce air bubbles in the stems therefore allowing the flowers to access a good drink of water for longer. Hydrangeas and their foliage need this when processing.

My day by day starts with a quick trip to the courier depot, I live in a rural area so picking up my flowers is better for my time schedule. Once I arrive home, I check off my order against the invoice that is attached to make sure there isn't anything missed.

Before I get started I fill my clean buckets with water in preparation for the flowers to sit in - this is one of THE most important parts of ensuring long fruitful life for the fresh flowers.

I snip 2-4cm's off the bottom of stem so it starts fresh and able to drink ample water. This step should be done ever 1-2 days to keep flowers healthy and fresh - having them have as much access to water prolongs their life span.

Stems are usually head to toe with leaves, these are stripped as they contaminate water which we want to keep clean and fresh for the, again ample reason of clean drinking water.

You may be starting to understand the time consuming steps to your classic bouquet.

A standard bouquet has already gone through many steps to get into your individual stems that are then hand picked by creative geniuses (your local florists) and assembled into beautiful blooming bouquets!

Now for my favourite part - lets Wrap! Complimenting coloured wraps and tissue are the final touches that add the extra wow factor to any bouquet. My all time favourite is an all white wrap and tissue.

Take the above and repeat, repeat, repeat! All the bouquets in all the colourways keep me incredibly happy on the daily.

Thanks for reading x

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